The Iris Method™ focuses on 3 pillars

TeCHNIQUES FOR Purposeful reading

  • Increase Your Reading Speed Using Practical Techniques
  • Improve Comprehension With Better Focus and Concentration
  • Approach Technical Content and Analysis More Fffectively
  • Read Faster on the Computer Screen and Other Digital Devices
  • How Your Memory Works
  • Boosting Your Short-Term and Long-Term Memory
  • How To Memorize Vital Information More Effectively
  • Remembering Long Lists of Information in a Precise Order
  • Recalling Details More Easily Using an Ancient Greek Technique
  • How To Take Better and Faster notes in Business Settings
  • Mind-Mapping Techniques to Capture Ideas Rather Than Sentences
  • When To Take Linear Notes Versus Visual Notes
  • Documenting Action Plans & Meeting Minutes Effectively
  • Simple Strategies to Improve Your Productivity
  • How To Manage a High Volume of Reading
  • Overcoming Information Addiction to Get More Done
  • Digital Tools To Improve Focus and Minimize Distractions
  • How To Improve Your Focus While Reading

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